Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Square Beautifully Brimming with, like, Billions of Bumbling, Bountiful, Blinding Banderoles!

 Seasons Sights Delight, 

Fall Blossoms bidding goodbye.

We were enjoying quite an Indian summer here in Historic, World Famous, Wooster Square. Albeit, we have had our share of some windy and rainy weather. But compared to last year's horrible winter, every day we hit the 50's and sunny it is just like icing on our cakes here. 

We got the cold weather on November 18. The rest of 
the Country is either frozen or feels that way.

It won't be long until all the leaves are down,
some are all down and we still have lots on others.

Saturday, the 8th of November

If you are looking for some fall fun, all you have to do is head 4 miles up State Street to the 
Quinnipiac River Marsh Wildlife Area.

The marsh itself is named after the river, which is located only within Connecticut. The river starts up in the middle of the state west of New Britain. It's name, marsh and mouth come from the Algonquian Indian name for "long water land". The river and marsh were once abundant with wildlife, until pollution from Connecticut's Brass, Silver, Hardware and other industries polluted the river. Old dams impede any boat traffic. And even in 1981, when I came to New Haven, the Quinnipiac River Marsh was surrounded by five, count em, five active landfills.*

It's not like they didn't try, in 1886 the River was protected from the City of Meriden dumping raw sewage and resulted in the building Connecticut's first sewage treatment plant.* 
*(Source: Wikipedia, WSBB)

That's the bad news. Since then, all the landfills have been capped.
Industrial waste to the North has been drastically eliminated. And the cleaner water is met with the clean(er) Tides from Long Island Sound, providing a habitat for the new residents. 

Oyster boats head out of the Quinnipiac daily and harvest oysters right out of New Haven Harbor. The water has become so clean co-hog clams have been moving up the river. Abundant Alewife, eels, bunker, bass, bluefish,turtles and you name it now, flourish in this new, vibrant marsh.

There is an Island in the middle of the marsh, Grannis Island that is taken care of by the New Haven Land Trust.

And with all that luscious fresh seafood came the birds! Not like Alfred Hitchcock, but predatory birds: Hawks, falcons, eagles and osprey by the gazillions.

And I am not kidding, we went from having almost none of these birds, (mostly due to the chemical DDT), to the State not knowing how many Osprey platforms there are in Connecticut.

An Osprey nest in the Marsh we found last year.

If you are lucky enough to have a canoe or kayak, I am told it's like you are in the middle of nowhere, teeming with wildlife.
(and not like you are surrounded by I-91 and by five landfills, 
they are all capped)

Image courtesy of wiki
 (I hope)

The marsh is an Oasis right near East Rock, where the Turkey
Vultures and Falcons rule the high cliffs.

At this time of the year, birds are migrating through. Our Osprey travel as far as 2,600 miles to South America for the winter. In fact, one such banded big bad bird, Arthur the Osprey, flew from 
New Hampshire to a small lake in Costa Rica teeming
with wildlife and not too many humans.

So while you are driving by, you may catch a an eagle or two,
or like last Sunday, Cheryl and I saw 5 Bald Eagles in one tree,
2 Mature and 3 immature! They could have been the whole of this years two eaglets and last years lone survivor. I believe there were two initially last year but one tragically fell out of the nest.

The Quinnipiac marsh is a must see if you are looking for these 
majestic, beautiful birds. And while you are at it,
take a drive or a hike to the top of East Rock. 

You are sure to see some peregrine falcons and turkey vultures.
You may even see some bald eagles cruising the cliff.

Of course I took some photos, so before we head back to the
Wonderful World of Historic Wooster Square,
let's check out these eagles, steps from Wooster Square
(four big one mile steps each)

 Bring some binoculars! Or a scope!

And sometimes they are very close.

In this photo, Mom is telling baby that its 
"your turn to get the fish"

I think this baby can handle it.

Beak Lickin Good!

They don't share nicely so the other eaglet had to go
find his own meal for the evening.

The Eagle has taken off!

The hunt is on!

While Cheryl and I were ooing and aahhing over 
these Five eagles she spotted a smaller predator.
A peregrine falcon was hanging out nearby. Just as Cheryl 
pointed out where it was it took off. But I did get one
shot in not so great light.... but you get the idea.

Fun Fast Falcon Feathered Friend

but I did get him flying back to East Rock.

Good Eye Cheryl!

Behind #1 Fish on State Street in Hamden, just over the New Haven Line (next door is a deli with picnic benches behind it) you can see the eagles flying majestically, magically, mystifying... making major meaningful memories man!

Eagle Landing in tree in Quinnipiac marsh.

The eagles will remain in the Marsh all winter so long
as it doesn't freeze. If it freezes, then these guys need to move.
Usually, the eagles head east to the mouth of the Connecticut River where it meets Long Island Sound.

For a close and personal look at the wintering Bald Eagles on the Connecticut River, then you must take the
Connecticut River Quest.

Last year was so cold they had to cancel the season
because the boat was frozen in at the dock!
The boat leaves from Haddam, CT and they know 
where all the eagles are hanging out. 

Go to their website for dates and times.

*****     *****     *****

The cold weather that most of the country had last week, 
arrived this weekend. With it came wind, rain
and the hint of winter in the air. Yikes!

While I program the Blossom Mainframe for local
tasty tidbits, feast on some local treats
here in the

Wonderful World of Wooster Square!

Hughes Place Hits Heavenly Heights!
(before the wind and rain!)

Caution! Falling orange and yellow foliage!

Japanese Maple Jamming

Pumpkin Pleasin Pal

Colors Galore and more...

Fall Blossoms Bidding Bye

Teensy Tiny Tufted Titmouse Totally Treats

A couple a hangers on.

Park Bench Littered Literally with leaves
(cell phone shot)

Court Street Colors

 Downy Back Woodpeckers Love our Sakura Trees

Bountiful Berries Bring Bright Beautiful Birds

Like this Hermit Thrush who is migrating through
stopped by Court Street for some shelter and food.

Dark Eyed Junco is through migrating,
making him/her a 
welcome winter Wooster Squarian

Northern Mocking Bird Berry Happy to live in the
Wonderful World of Wooster Square year round.

Fall Foliage Fence Foto Fun!
(winds and rain have made many of these leaves down!)

1000 words

Hughes Place Pink and white tunnel to Hanami Happiness
(we'll have to wait a few months...)

We rolled out the yellow carpet for you!

New Haven Promise?

If you live in New Haven, and your children go to 
a Public New Haven High School, you get your college paid for!

They have to stay in State and go to a State School, but
hey, I went Michigan State and it wasn't free.

Not a bad deal. 

And I promise to keep you up to date
about Historic, World Famous,
Wooster Square!
(your photoblogumentary!)

Come to the Land of Ahhhsss

Pretty Please? With a ...

Focus Fence Foliage Foto Fun

Bonsai Bust Baby!

Not like the 23rd of April last year

Bonsai Sakura Sings

Sweet Song Sparrow Singing sweet Sakura Songs

Your table is waiting
(for Millenials, that's w8ting)

Speaking of waiting. Why not work for one of the best places in New Haven Connecticut, 

Yale University!

Go Yale Bulldogs!
(Cheryl Szczarba and the Yale Mascot)

Speaking of the National Cherry Blossom Challenge,

Washington DC, is peaking with their
Sweet Sakura Fall Blossoms!

So head to the Tidal Basin for some
Fall Foliage Foto Fun!

 And, they announced the date of their
National Cherry Blossom Festival!

The festival will begin March 20 and 
run through April 12.

Wooster Square's 
Cherry Blossoms Bloom in 

April 22 through April 26!!

Peaking on the 26th,
the date of Wooster Square's
Annual Cherry Blossom Festival!*

*It's a fact proven by fellow Michigander, Detroit Tiger Fan and 538 Blogger,Nate Silver, that the Wooster Square Blossom Blog is 
the second most accurate at 
predicting something, like when
cherry blossoms will bloom.
(Nate is #1)
(just google Nate and his 538 blog,
and the WSBB, and you will find
a chart of predictiveness.)

Looking for something free to do this Weekend?

Well, for starters, all the Museums at Yale
are FREE, if you mention the 
Wooster Square Blossom Blog**
**(I am told that they are always free)

Don't know where to start?

Well, you are at least reading this, so...

Need something else?

I have a new show, at Detail's Salon,
on Chapel Street. The artists reception
is Friday night, November 21st from 5-7!

The show runs through February 16, 2015

Details located at 1022 Chapel Street,
in the Sherman Alley.

The Wooster Square Farmer's Market is
open on Saturdays from 10-2.

If I don't see you in a museum,
or at the farmer's market, or
at the artist's reception, then...

See You Round the Square!

Make Tracks for Historic Wooster Square!

The Wooster Square Blossom Blog,
Your World, 

Friday, October 31, 2014

Tonight Shows's Jimmy Fallon Sends Thank You Notes to Wooster Square, New Haven!**

Plus! Positively precious, perhaps precocious, pointedly popular, probably preposterous, perfect park advice for Freshman People!

What an exciting time of year, Fall in New England. The colors, the scents, the sounds, the cold crisp chill in the air in the morning when you walk around the Wonderful World of Wooster Square.

Warm, Welcoming...Wooster Square

Many familiar faces come back to New Haven when school starts but there are those newcomers that have to learn the ropes, stay out of the way... yet still make try to make their mark in their new school. We were all freshman one year, some of us twice. (High School freshman and I was a freshman again at M(ichigan)SU).

There is nothing more exciting and terrifying than being a freshman in a new school. You are so excited about learning, growing up and impressing your classmates. The experience make you feel as if you can reach the stars, or wet your pants from the freaky frolicking frenzy of froshy freshman fun.

My first advice? Head to Wooster Square for pizza
and the Fall Blossoms!

This year's fall colors are undoubtedly influenced by the lack of water this year. I can't tell if some our Hallowed Hanamiable Heavenly Sakura trees are just thirsty or have some disease. We lost one tree last year on Hughes Place and two more look like they will have to come down.

The good news?

The City of New Haven plants new trees as trees get older and have to come down. Our type of Cherry Trees live about 25-30 years. So we replant yearly somewhere around Wooster Square, Hughes Place and Court Street last year.

I am happy hoping hanamian, predicting the brown leaves mean thirst, and early rest and in about 6 months...POP!!! Oh we can just count the days.

Now, all we have to do is 
get through winter...

Hey, but pizza can get us through the winter! And we have plenty of the Best Slices in the whole United States. 
Wooster Square is 
New Haven Style Pizza.

Rated by most experts and confirmed by 
many more millions of 
mozzarella masticating munchers, 
New Haven is the best City in 
America for Apizza Apeople!

Click here for the real deal, Daily Meal, which ranks New Haven Style Pizza, aka Pepe's Pizza Clam Pie, Number 1 and many more!

Click here for the Gothamist, a guide to New Haven Pizza


It's easy, just order and eat. Click on the Thrillist's
Best Pizzas checklist and print, 
for the 33 Best Pizzas in 
the country you need to try 
(not so sure about like)

in alphabetical order...by town.

click here and know you will be eating pizza for dinner as you drool over each pleasing pizza pie.

click, print, eat

Now a New York Pie Place, Grimaldi's 
came to the neighborhood, just over the 
New Haven line in Woodbridge. 
Cheryl had some business over there
so we decided what the heck, 
let's have pizza for lunch!
Grimaldi's comes in at a respectable 
#21 on the 101 Best Pizza list.

New Haven has Five of the top 101
Pizza places in the US. Now Six.


Rosemary Wings Wowed

Grimaldi's medium garlic and pepperoni

They even get local ingredients like 
mozzarella (moots) from Liuzzi's in North Haven.

And well,was it good?


You know, there are those that say New York style pizza is a copy of the popular New Haven Style.
Which is basically a thin, burnt crust that 
is cooked in a wood or coal fired oven.

Exactly what they have at Grimaldi's.

And just as you would find in Italy.

Like this osteria del carro
on Lago Transimino, Italy we found...

Italian Style

Honeymoon Heaven

And in Rome?

We did it like the Romans!

A little touristy tasty treat.

Meanwhile, back in the USA...

Before the Blossom Blog Mainframe hunts down 
the some sage sentiments for freshman,


before we hear from The Tonight Show's
Jimmy Fallon's "Thank you" notes**...

(To get an idea, if you have never seen
Jimmy's Thank You notes, watch this
on your device and have a couple of laughs.)

...we are heading into the fall blossoms,
however muted by the dry summer. Take a 
stroll around the park and take a look
at some of what fall has to offer here
in Historic, World Famous, Wooster Square!

WARNING: Photos can excite, may 
induce shallow breathing or leave 
you gasping for air! Consult your doctor
before you scroll any farther! 

Green's reign slipping

Bright morning Sakura Sun

Eight Days Adds Color

We invented old school

Yellows Creeping in

Sometimes the "Fall Blossoms", or
leaves changing colors, are as 
spectacular as the annual flowery fireworks.

Sakura Sighs
(October 27, 2012)

Big, Bright, Beautiful, Blistering, Blinding
 Burnt Orange again!
(October 29, 2014)

but we are seeing more colors on the ground...

Making way for new bright beautiful blossoms

Our Blossom Babies...from birth to earth.

but wait!

Next years cherry blossoms are being born!

Buds in the air!

Still blooming till the Frost Woman sings!

From the Blossom Perch on Hughes Place

Quickly Changing, wind and rain 
of late haven't helped.

Sad Sakura Sight
(not sure if this one will make it)

Parks Perfect for Pizza Pie Picnics

Historic World Famous Wooster Square Waits...

Come to see why it's hip to be in the Square

Lovely till the last drop

Holy Happiness here.

360 reasons to love Wooster Square

Three Hundred Sixty State Street in the background,
is just a 5 minute walk up 

Chapel Street past 
the famous dog posters

(our 4.5 pound toy poodle)


(our blind, Rock Star Italian greyhound)
((Cheryl and I met walking our dogs
in the Wonderful World of Wooster Square!))

***** ***** *****

Now about those lucky Freshman who
are experiencing life in a completely
different but exciting way.

The Blossom Blog Mainframe has randomly chosen the best 3 bits of Sage Square Wisdom 
from its vast memory banks.
(I just google it) 

3. "Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn." 
Benjamin Franklin

2. Whatever is good to know, is difficult to learn.
Greek Proverb (that's like a blog)

1. "Intelligence, plus character-that is the goal of True education."
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Excellent advice if I must say so myself. It also helps to talk to others, ask around for help and advice, and get off your can and do what you can (join, volunteer.)

So welcome to the club!

And, the Wooster Square Blossom Blog is required reading for getting a quick smile, a good pizza tip or enjoying the
history of our 
 Happy Hanami Heaven!

Now, to Jimmy Fallon's "Thank You" notes that
he does on Friday Nights on a little show called
the Tonight Show!
(who didn't love Johnny Carson?) 

**For editorial, legal and other literary concerns,
the tape cannot be found on YouTube.
(that's because it is totally made up. Any 

resemblance, however, to Jimmy Fallon and the Tonight Show is completely intended. However,
Jimmy, you may thank Wooster Square
in the future, if not sooner)

Listen to "Thank You" note music while
reading, for the proper effect.

and picture Jimmy fake writing...

Thank you New Haven, for having that Historic district called, Wooster Square; home of 
New Haven Style Pizza aka Pepe's & Sally's, And 
thank you for making New York fold in half style pizza about as exciting as eating the New York Post 
with tomato sauce.

Thank you New Haven, for being the first Planned City in America. And thank you for making New York's layout look more like Boston!

Thank you New Haven, for inventing the Hamburger, at Louis Lunch. For without the humble, hallowed hamburger, millions of Americans might have
otherwise starved to death!

Thank You New Haven for being the Number #1
Foodie City in the USA! And thank you for having the best Modern American Restaurant, Zinc, in the Country... which makes dropping $500 on dinner for 
two in NYC feel like you are eating in a diner.

Thank you New Haven, for being the #4 best 
Cities for Being Single. And thanks for keeping your 
parks so pretty and clean that people like Bart
and Cheryl (and others) can meet 
and become non-single.

Thank you New Haven, for having innovative
and exciting world class Theater, at Long Wharf, Yale, the Shubert, Goodspeed... and for having
World Class Museums, so that New Haven looks
a lot like New York...only hipper and way cooler.

Thank You New Haven, for having the first Telephone exchange, and the first telephone book. And thanks for the invention of the Frisbee (at Yale), so that students can blow off some steam in
between studying hard.
(I am told that is not steam coming from the
students, but some form of smoke...dude)

And last but not least, Thank You Wooster Square,
for the Wooster Square Blossom Blog, which always keeps us up to date when the Famous Wooster Square Cherry Blossoms are blooming. And thanks Wooster Square Blossom Blog, 
for your industrious, illuminating, impossibly intimidating, idiotic alliteration... 
which brings to mind hilarious 
yet juvenile cerebral collegiate drinking games.

*****     *****     ***** 

We have lots to offer here in New Haven and
Historic Wooster Square.

Come for the Wooster Square Farmers Market, grab a pie and enjoy the neighborhood!

I leave you with two bird photos from this week.

Red tail Hawk in Hamden, flying
right near the Eagle's nest, with
the two Eaglets hanging out.
Here's either "Sally or Pepe"

See You Round the Square!