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This is a re-print of a guest article I wrote for the now defunct
Elm City Beat. 
(I'm thinking, it couldn't have been THAT bad...)
While the Blossom Blog Mainframe sifts through all the Connecticut Open photos for your enjoyment, check out this weather post from ...


To Everything (Turn, Turn, Turn)
There is a season (Turn, Turn, Turn)
And a time to every purpose, under Heaven

A time to be born, a time to die
A time to plant, a time to reap
A time to kill, a time to heal
A time to laugh, a time to weep

New Haven Marches to the Drumbeat of the Season

Is this Climate change New England Style? We have always been famous for temperate weather that is fleetingly fickle. But increasingly, our weather seems to go to extremes overnight. 
As chief editor of the Wooster Square Blossom Blog
(the Photoblogumentary of Wooster Square, its world famous Sakura Trees and everything New Haven) you begin to notice a real shift in the patterns. Seemly seasons on serious steroids, every season has bulked up bigger than the Yankee’s A-Rods Ego. Each seasonal nuance becomes increasingly intensified. You want snow? Last year we had several feet of Snow with Blizzard Nemo. Two years ago we had a winter in New Haven we came to call Snowmageddon (think lots of snow). Throw in two terrific terrible tropical trounces (ex-hurricanes Irene and Sandy) and a freak SnowtOber last year that left people without power for a week in some places each storm.  If that wasn’t enough excitement, throw in an earthquake we had in New Haven a couple of summers ago during the New Haven Open Tennis Tournament.

This summer of 2013 is/was no different. We had “MonsJune” when we had 11.32 inches of rain here in the Elm City. More than twice the amount of rain fell in 36 hours (5 inches) than in Dry-ly, where only 2.07 inches fell (you get the picture). Last month we came to what I will call “Fallgust”. Friends had mentioned to me if I have noticed the leaves turning already on some trees. Blindly speculating that because of the recent cool snap the trees instantly turn lively luring leaves of chlorophyll-less color, or really some underlying color that stands out when the green chlorophyll disappears. But actually it is the shorter day that “tells” the trees when to start shutting down their food production line. The days do not have less than 24 hours (it just seems that way since your smartphone sucked all the free time out of your life) in Fallgust, just fewer hours of light. Throw in a myriad of factors like heat, rainfall, drought, and flooding makes predicting the fantastic fall foliage and the winter weather about as tough as predicting when Wooster Square’s world famous Cherry trees will be in full bloom. 

Using some Mid-Western and New England folklore, I rely on the sure fire weather predictors. Wooster Square Squirrels are on the skinny side. There is no furious searching for nuts. Make no mistake, our Super Square Squirrels are Phat, just not bulking up for winter. The Farmer’s Almanac says that when acorns that have thicker husks, we will have a hard winter. I can attest that.  The fall before Snowmagedon, large acorns were dropping at a pace that in the park that  sounded as if you were in a hailstorm at a car dealership.  This year’s crop of future mighty oak trees(acorns) are just plain average. Not overly big or husky. 

So far this year, I have not encountered another winter weather wives tale, the Wooly Worm. The black and brown caterpillars of the tiger moth are everyone’s favorite weather forecaster since Punxsutawney Phil (ground hog day).  When the middle brown band is thin, or the front black band is longer, expect a cold and snowy winter. Studies in the 1950’s by the Natural Museum of History in New York City showed the worm with 80% accuracy. Since I have not seen one in and around New Haven yet, I am assuming that they are all mostly brown. Optimism doesn’t hurt either!

No matter how or what you forecast, the seasons change, along with the weather. Take time to get outdoors and enjoy all the Elm City has to offer before we settle inside by a crackling fire. Fall is the perfect time to stroll the shops, indulge in our restaurants and explore the city’s world famous Museums or grab your favorite pie (pizza) and picnic in Wooster Square.  With cooler sunny dry weather, baseball pennants heating up and Football starting, what is not to like?  I am going to call this (coming) month SweeTEMber! 

Editors Note: We had the winter from the opposite
of hell. Coldest and Snowiest in the Northeast in 35 years. So much for my skinny squirrels and large acorns. This year, same deal. No tell tale signs. 

For now, I'll stick to predicting when our 
Sweet Sakura Stars Shine (Cherry Blossoms) 
pop here in World Famous Wooster Square.

Up next, The Wooster Square Blossom Blogs to the Nifty, New, New Haven, Connecticut Open!

Petra Kvitiva
2014 Connecticut Open Champion

Until Then...

See You Round the Square!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Wooster Square Blossom Blog Exclusive! 2014 Connecticut Open Preview!

Plus! Premier, pleasing, preciously poignant, possibly piously pompous, probably paradoxically parodying, positively PERFECT PIZZA POST people!

Let's face it. We here in 
World Famous, Historic Wooster Square, we are kind of lucky.
Not only are we steps from the best pizza in the World,*
(*source: causeisaidso.com),
we are a stones throw from World class Broadway 
Shows, World Premiers Plays, World Class Musicians playing daily at Yale, Free Summer Concerts on the Green, World Class Museums, #1 Foodie City in the Country, and much more!
Click here in the Chicago Tribune to Read how New Haven Rocks #1 Food City in the USA!

Like World Class Women's Tennis.
Right here in New Haven.

It's all that with Cherry Blossoms on top!

And the weather this summer? Fuggedaboutit.  Here in Wooster Square, where everyday is a holiday*,
(*I mean really, isn't it a holiday in your mouth when you eat pizza?) you could not have asked for better weather.  Especially after last winter's wicked woes.

The Blossom Blossom Blog Mainframe has uncovered much in the Pizza world here in New Haven;
believe it or not...
Home of New Haven Style Pizza.
(for those who may not make the curious, carbon copy, corresponding conspicuously clear conclusion, completely comfortably) 

Almost as big as a 
Pepe's Pizzeria Napoletana 
opening in the Boston area, is that 
Mario Bartali is opening another of his popular
Tarry Lodge's right here in Elm City.

And what is one of his main specialties?


So little time, so much pizza! 

Good Luck in New Haven Mario!

Click here to read Boston Biz and Read about New Haven Pizza coming to Beantown!

So grab your favorite Pie,
some celebratory satisfying, saliva seducing,
succulent serious sigh inducing suds,
get good and comfortable...

While we pleasingly peruse pertinent pictures,
we will find wonderful bites of pizza to
entice your haste to head to World Famous
Historic Wooster Square, New Haven and 
The Connecticut Open!! 
August 17-23

Click here for the Connecticut Open website

Perfect Pick Up Pie
(Cheryl's Special @ Abate on Wooster Street)
((Pepperoni, garlic-well done))

drool here to read more about Abate's on Wooster Street.

Click here for a Peek at Pizza People Pleaser Pepe's!

Enjoy Responsibly!

The New 2014 Connecticut Open has some exciting Women's Tennis on tap with 11 of the top 25 Women in the World competing right here in New Haven. All the action is at the Connecticut Tennis Center at Yale.

We have last year's Champion, Simona Halep who made it to the Finals of the French Open this year, only to lose to Maria Sugarpova (er..Sharapova).

Halep has high hope here!

But, hot on her tail, is the 2012 New Haven Open Winner and this year's 2014 Wimbledon Champion
Petra Kvitova is looking for revenge from last years
loss to the speedy, steady play of Simona Halep.

Petra's always happy to be in New Haven
(Petra and coach after her 2012 NHO victory)

and after Wimbledon,
she still has that

Sweet Taste of Victory

Sara Errani Digs it out always,
watch for her in contention...

Wozniacki Wacks A Wallap,
Four Time Champion is going for
One for the Thumb!

She's got a whole section...

Ekaterina Makarova Makes Mesmerizing Moves Man!

Speaking of mesmerizing, if you have not tried the White Clam Pie at Pepe's, then well, you have not lived my fine fellow flower fans.

Every Pepe's Pizzeria that opens, is built just like the Original, ovens and all. They all serve the same menu.

While sitting on our porch during 
High Hanami Hysteria,
The oldest Grandson of Pepe's said that the
younger Generation wanted to replicate
our Wooster Street Legend and bring it to the World! Hey, and Casinos Too!

It tops the USA Today's top 15 pizzas
in the USA!

That's #1!

You don't have to go down that list very far to
find two other New Haven Primo Pizza Pie Places.

At #7, Sally's on Wooster Street has long had its following. After Frank Sinatra played in New Haven with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, he called Flo and told her to keep the ovens on. Frank fed the whole orchestra. And from then on, whenever Frank or Tommy were in New York, they would send up a car to get Sally's Pizza.

Pepe's Vs Sally's

New Haven Legends.

At #11, you have the place that every year gets voted "best pizza in New Haven" in the popular Advocate Readers Poll, Modern Apizza. Few locals know that Modern has restaurants in Colorado and Washington. Modern Apizza has the pizza concession at Safeco Field in Seattle!

How cool is that?

Click here to gorge on the Top 15 Pizza Places Please!

As Cool as watching World Class Athletes 
duke it out here in the Elm City
for a piece of Crystal, a chunk of 
$710,000.... it's kind of a battle like...the 
Thrilla in the Manila....the Rumble in the Jungle 

The Gals Wail at Yale 2014!!!

Being a Blog Dedicated to our 
Pink and White Annual Sweet Sakura Delights...

Pink Nation!
 Beauty and Poise

This week the wild cards added fan favorites
Dominika Cibulkova and Andrea Petkovic!

Expect Hair-raising action!

Can't wait to see Petkovic Prance!

Non stop action in New Haven

Carla Suarez-Navarro has high hopes

Klara Koukalova's Clutch

These World Class Athletes give it everything they have and the result is fun tennis in our
Historic New Haven.

Speaking of giving it all, BuzzFeed, has compiled a list of 18 Pizza joints that you must
try before you die!

Pepe's bakes in at #2 for its Clam Pie,
Bar came in at #12 for the Legendary,
Mash Potato and Bacon Pie.

And of my fellow super blogger Arianna Huffington,
asks the tough questions like...
"Is New Haven the 
Best Pizza Town in the Country?"

Is Nate Silver good at predicting elections?

Click here to read important pizza crust on Huffington Post

My fine fellow flower aficionados,
gaggle your google,
throttle up your siri,
and ask for the fastest
way to Historic Wooster Square
and New Haven!

A couple of well known faces won't be making
an appearance in support of their 
significant others, previously engaged.

Caroline Wozniaki's fiance', pro golfer Rory McIlroy decided he didn't want to get married anymore. So they broke up. Rory went on to win the British Open, the next tour event, and then he won the PGA. 3 wins, 2 majors in 3 weeks.

Must have been heartbroken...

Caroline went on to win her first tournament too.

At this writing, Maria Kirilenko is a no show for the
Connecticut Open. However, were she here, her ex-fiance and NHL Hockey Superstar MVP, Alexander Ovechkin, would not.
They recently broke off their engagement.

  Tournament Direct Anne Worcester 
explaining to Mr. Ovechkin there is no
such thing as a cross check in 
women's tennis. Much to his disappointment.

Still confused about New Haven Style Pizza?

This year at the Connecticut Open they have 
a Legends mini 2 night return of men's
tennis to New Haven. Jim Courier, James Blake
and Andy Roddick. The New Haven Register reported that Jim Courier had not tried any pizza in 
New Haven, ever.

Poor Guy. 

There may be more of you out there. So the Blog Mainframe found what you are looking for.

On Eater.com, as part of a series, they
go to and rank some of the best area 
New Haven pizza!

Click here for New Haven Pizza's Mastication Madness!

Have Fun in New Haven Boys!

The Daily Meal publishes its best 
101 Pizzas in America.
New Haven #1

Bet you can't eat at just one of these joints in the Daily Meal

Enough food for Thought.

If you have not been to a tennis tournament then now is the time!

World Class Tennis
right here,
Historic New Haven Connecticut.

Watch for a complete wrap up 
of the New Connecticut Open
after the tennis!

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Box Shots!

See you at the Connecticut Open


See you Round the Square!


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Wooster Square Blossom Blog Blows into the Windy City! Chicago Illinois!

Super Sweet Summer Sun Seemingly Surreal, Sans Shivering Sensational Sustained Snow Season!

Like most Wooster Squarians, we too leave our secure sweet sanguine sakura square sometimes. This year, the Blossom Blog took on the Windy City. Mainly to meet family, we wanted to wish Wrigley Field a happy 100th Birthday! (and Aunt Rosemarie of Detroit an 80th!)
And while we're there, we'd catch a White Sox game to boot. (Chicago has two teams, the Cubs in the National League and the White Sox who are in the American League.) 

Cheryl and I met walking our dogs in the Wonderful World of Wooster Square in 2006, married in '08. And low and behold she was born in Chicago. Her late father, Robert Szczarba, went to the University of Chicago and then to teach Yale. (Bob also grew up in Michigan, and went to University of Michigan). I went to Michigan State.

I am sure that the Blossom Blog Mainframe (in direct contact with the NSA, the Smithsonian, National Park Service, Major League Baseball, Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition and not to mention on speed dial - Arianna Huffington, Nate Silver, George Will and Eric Snowden) can maybe even find a baseball connection between our two
Historic Cities!

Chicago Vs New Haven?

In Baseball?

In New Haven?

And after its summer maintenance, the Mainframe was hot on the search for any important news in the world of Pizza People! One of the enduring memories of walking our dogs around 
Wooster Square is the smell of Pizza.

If you are lucky and the wind is from the North?

Lucibello's pastries waft on the wind while walkers mouths water unwilling, wildly. Wow. Makes you want to make tracks for Wooster Square, pick up your favorite pie and pastry for a park picnic....perfect!

Chicago, like Detroit in the summer, can be dreadful.
The air that you wear and makes you swear combing your hair! (its windy in every direction, everyday.)

I forgot how that heat and humidity thing gets to you out there. And after even the worst winter that many Chicagoan's have ever seen, now they have to put up with stifling heat before the meat locker season starts again. 

The ying and yang of life.
 (or global warming)

Of course the World's first and only Photoblogumentary was there to document our destination, diligently and dutifully.
(in the top ten that puts the Wooster Square Blossom Blog in the numero uno spot!) 

100% Fun Family Follies Folks!

I wouldn't throw you a curve ball
but what if I told you that right here, born in 
Wooster Square (New Haven)
there was a pitcher who invented a pitch
that every major league pitcher uses today? 

Oh! Say it's SO!

While the mainframe analyzes the data, bits and all sorts of Tidbits, pull up a seat, put your feet up
and enjoy...

Chicago, Illinois

Welcome to the "Friendly Confines"

Foggy start, Stormy End

Room with a view
(From atop the Willis Tower)
((Formerly Sears Tower))
(((It's HIGH!)))

Super Skyscrapers Soar!

Did you know that the first Skyscraper
was constructed in Chicago?

The 10 story structure 
has a connection with our 
Sweet Significant Sakura Square, Stupefyingly So!

The name of the company that built the first 
Skyscraper was the 
Home Insurance Company.

The Home Insurance Company built the Row 
Houses on Court Street right here in
World Famous Historic Wooster Square!

 Historic Court Street

How cool is that!

Click here to read about Home Insurance Company in wiki

Click here to learn about the Architect, William Le Baron Jenny!

Chicago Rocks!

Freak Favorite Fan Foto Fun

Corn Cob Cornucopia

 Reflecting on some Fine Dining

Say it's so, Joe!

Dover Sole stole my Soul,
so satisfyingly so

Happy Haddock Here
(who doesn't want to swim in butter!)

Storied Statue Stands Stately

Everybody can't have a corner office!

Chicago Board of Trade Fountain
(that is liquid Rhodium)
((the most valuable metal in the world))
(((I am told that it is plain water....)))

Trump Tower is...

Terrifically Tall!

State Street, that Great Street

Adventurous Aquatic Architecture Tour Titillates Too!

Fun Flowers Folks!

Chicago Board of Trade
(I think that's a pilgrim and an American Indian)

Art Deco Dominates

History Loves Company

The place to start...

Miles of Smiles

Steakhouses Galore

Chop House Celebrating 80 years
(a birthday, not the Chop house)

Monopoly on Masticating Meat Mania 

Chicago Surely Shines

Blues are Big

 Scenic City Streets

Super sights to see

Chicago: Land of ahs

People were huge in the old days...

Art Interacts Among Architecture Alluringly

Biking Beats Blistering Terrible Torridity, Totally!

America's first hippies meet at 4:20pm pst

Wet, wild and well, weird!

Bean is Bomb!

Cool Beans!

Super Seed Selfie!
Bart and Cheryl Szczarba
(reflection on bean)

Millennium Park is a Perfect People Pleaser

 Marshall Fields Ceiling

Back to Baseball. After all, baseball is one
of the reasons we came to Chicago.
Two more stadiums of our Ball Park Bucket list

Or so we thought...

But first, let's find out what the mainframe found out about our Elm City Comrade who may have 
invented a pitch used hundreds, perhaps thousands
of times a day in the major league!

Like claiming our New Haven Apizza is among the best world over, and like claiming and owning the
invention of the Hamburger, and not to mention Walter Camp inventing modern football, the baseball player who invented the curveball is not without 
 its own curious controversial critical conflict, 
a kind of curveball caper.

While we here in Wooster Square, and New Haven,
know that there is no better pizza in the USA.
And that Louis Lunch invented the hamburger with
his "have" it my way delivery and Walter Camp
invented the modern game of football by get this...
writing rules! Among other things I am sure.

Click here to see Louis Lunch website and the birthplace of the Hamburger!

More about that later...

You see, Fred Goldsmith, born in 1856 in New Haven opened his Major league Debut on October 23, 1875
for the New Haven Elm Citys. Fred is credited with giving the first publicly recorded demo of his 
curveball to sportswriter baseball historian Henry Chadwick on August 16, 1870 in Brooklyn, NY.*

However, the buzz is that his rival in the International Association, Candy Cumming supposedly threw 
a curve ball in Worcester Mass with the Brooklyn Stars, or Excelsiors.*  

The London Free Press (Ontario) credited Goldsmith with inventing the curveball, and three days after he died, in 1939, the Sporting New ran an editorial asking that Goldsmith also be recognized as the official inventor of the curveball.*

*Read about Fred Goldsmith in wiki

*read about Candy Cummings in wiki

Fred Goldsmith died the day Cummings 
was inducted into the
Baseball Hall of Fame (posthumously) ....
for inventing the curveball.

Clearly Goldsmith was heartbroken. 

But Freddy had a heck of a career.

Four seasons with 20 wins and played in the first 
inter league Championships between the National and American League. 

Because, you guessed it.

He played for the Chicago Cubs.
(then called the Chicago White Stockings)
More about this... a great day for baseball in 
New Haven, 1875.

The New Haven Register's Chip Malafronte wrote a great piece about Fred in a series of articles
about New Haven's rich sports history.

Click here to read Chips article

Read this clip from Wiki on the controversy from legendary sports announcer Bill Stern:

Bill Stern on the curveball

In 1949, Stern waded into "The Great Curveball Debate" about who invented the curveball in the 19th century, Candy Cummings or Fred Goldsmith. In his book of that year, Bill Stern's Favorite Baseball Stories, he came down solidly in Goldsmith's corner: "Some 80 years ago, an obscure kid pitcher on the Connecticut sandlots made a discovery that revolutionized baseball. He discovered that he could perform an amazing trick. He could actually pitch a baseball in such a way as to make it curve! In 1870, before a large but skeptical crowd, Freddy Goldsmith gave a demonstration of his new invention. The test was made by drawing a chalk line along the ground for 45 feet. Poles were set upright at each end of the line, and another was placed midway between these two. Freddy Goldsmith stood at the first pole and his catcher at the other end. To the amazement of the crowd, Freddy demonstrated that he could throw a baseball so that it went on the outside of the center pole and the inside of the others, in a curve. Thus the baseball world came to know of Freddy Goldsmith and his invention -- 'the curve ball.' Freddy Goldsmith became nationally famous. Big league clubs fought for his pitching services. He became a star with the Chicago White Stockings. With his "curve ball," pitcher Goldsmith was soon the most talked-about ballplayer in America! But there is a curious ending to this story. For years, long after his days of baseball glory were over, Freddy Goldsmith lived happily in the knowledge that posterity would always know him as the inventor of the curve ball. However, another pitcher named Arthur Cummings popped up, claiming to be the inventor, and quite a few baseball men believed him. When Freddy Goldsmith heard about this, it broke him up completely. Ill and bed-ridden at the time, he died a broken-hearted man, pathetically maintaining to the end that he, and only he, was the original inventor of 'the curve ball.

Take a gander at some photos of our private tour of 
Wrigley Field (and we caught a game)
 in all its glory on its
100th Birthday!

The Cubs at Wrigley Field 
had the first concession stand.

Largest Manually operated Scoreboard

Credited with the saying,
"Let's Play two!"

The 2nd deck was an add-on.

Happy Birthday Building!

Famous Foliage Fence Foto Fun Folks!

The Lushless Loveable Lockeroom

Oh say can you C

Ron Santos

Cubs Fans among the Best

The Really Cheap Seats
(across the street on top on buildings!)


The Friendly Periphery

Stealing a view?

According to the Cubs tour guide, and in 
George Will's Book 
"A nice little place on the North Side"
explains that the Cubs made deals with the owners of these houses to reap 17% of their revenues.
Resulting in $2,000,000+

Click here for Amazon's link to George Will's book. Very easy good read!

Also, Mr Will points out that a trip to Wrigley is a step back in time. There is very little advertising in the outfield, the don't play loud music but have an
old fashioned organ player.

And it you have been to Fenway, they have squeezed advertising and seat in wherever they can for the income to compete at the highest level.

Wrigley is very relaxing. Mr Wrigley of the Gum business, was a frugal man. He fielded mediocre teams and sold the experience of going to the park
as a means of entertainment.... win or lose.

Chicago started the tradition of letting fans
keep the balls that were hit into the stands.

They also drew up to 10,000 women for Women's day where the women got in for free!

One usher said he'd rather face a stadium of rowdy beacher bums than the rush of Ladies trying to 
get in on the free day. (George Will)

Despite a 100 year absence from the World Series, they draw an amazing 80% capacity. 

George Will also pointed out the teams strategy to raise more revenue turned to your ice cold beer.

Where's my peanuts and Cracker Jacks!

They raised beer prices and tickets sales dropped.
As a result? The cubs have the 3rd cheapest beer 
in the Major League Baseball.

Harry Carray imortalized
a one, and a two and a three...
Take me out to the ballgame...

Check out a short video by Jim Belushi on Harry and his singing

After his death in the late 90's, guest "singers"
filled in for the gig. According to our Tour Guide, the Chicago Bear's ex-coach and Chicago legend, was well, one of the worst. 
Click the link and judge for yourself!

click here to hear Mike Ditka's "perfomance"

Wrigley Football Fact Fans!

The only stadium that has more Football games at it than Wrigley field was the old Giant's stadium. Home to both the Giants and the Jets.

The Chicago Bears played there for years. They even had a hockey game.

Harry Caray's Restaurant Downtown Chi Town

Aim for the Fences

Wrigley Field was the last Ballpark to install lights.

Ironically, Mr Wrigley was one of the first owners to buy lights for night baseball.  But he donated the lights to the war effort, and later stated that night baseball didn't have much promise...

Since the Cubs played all home games during the day, the group of people that were in the bleachers were
called, Bleacher Bums! Mostly because they heckled quite a bit and one wondered why they were not working or otherwise doing something more productive with their lives.

View From "Bum" seats

In fact, Babe Ruth's most famous home run came here at Wrigley. The Wallop over the Wall came after he "pointed" to the bleachers (his famous called shot) and proceeded to hit a home run to the spot and did his funny little jig and jog around the bases.

click here should your device not read link

Press Pass Please

View from Press Box

And it rained... one hour delay

Thanks Wrigley Field!

Unfortunately, we never made it to
the Chicago White Sox Game.

A huge storm came through and they postponed the game for 2 hours then completely. I forgot about those scary
storms out in the Wild Mid West!

Thanks Chicago!!

1875 Baseball in New Haven

Fred Goldsmith made his debut with the 
New Haven Elm Citites in 1975 and New Haven
was deep in the hunt... for last place. They ended their one and only season 7-40, 48 games behind the Boston Red Stockings.

Baseball was and is big, and we were in the big leagues. The Chicago White Stockings played here at Hamilton Park, at the corner of Whalley Ave and West Park Avenue. The park was used by Yale in the 19th century until the Yale Field was built in the 1880s.

Did you know that when baseball teams skunked an opponent (shut them out) they called that being
"Chicagoed", for reasons I do not know!

Great to be back in Historic Wooster Square!

Stay tuned for the Pizza updates coming soon!

Then the 
Wooster Square Blossom Blogs to the new
Connecticut Open!

World Class Sports,
in a World Class City.

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See you at the Open
See you Round the Square!