Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wooster Square Blossom Blogs Two! First: Brews, Brats, Baseball, and Hog Heaven in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Meanwhile, here in New Haven a Whole World of things to do with the International Festival for Arts and Ideas!!

If you are looking for fun in Wooster Square and New Haven this week, you won't have to look far. There's a free concert on The New Haven Green.. Friday, Singer/songwriter Lucinda Williams.

 Some may not know but her father, who died on January 1st, 2015, was an accomplished Poet and author, Stanley Miller Williams. Mr Williams read one of his poems at President Clinton's Inauguration. (Bill, not Hillary if you are reading this in 2 years.) 

And the fun is just not on the Green, there are tons of things to do with over a week left of International Arts and Ideas Festival running all over our well planned and loved, Elm City.

 Why Milwaukee Wisconsin? 

Why not? And we use this annual migration to some City with a baseball stadium to meet up with family from Midland, Ann Arbor and Plymouth Michigan. Cheryl's Mom (who grew up in Milwaukee), nephews, Aunt, Cousin and Brother and sister in law meet up with for a long weekend. We usually find time to check out the Baseball parks too. The home of Miller beer was the Michigan vote. 

Also, we were supposed to go to see the Cubs and White Sox last year, but the Sox were rained out.
However, the front office of the Chicago White Sox gave us Tickets to a game this year. So flying into and out of Chicago and seeing the White Sox is the second of The Wooster Square Blossom Blogs Two!

Check out some of Milwaukee sights!

Follow the yellow brick road!

...or the Milwaukee River Walk.

it goes on and on.

Downtown Digs. 

Cool yellow flowers, even cooler temps!
(it seemed like it rained 5 days in a row...
I am told, it rained 5 days in a row!)

If you are heading to Milwaukee, be sure 
to bring at least a light jacket and
a sweatshirt. The breeze off the lake make
it feel like its in the 40s and 50s.

Historic Third Ward

Reflecting on Fun

When in Milwaukee!

City sights

Very popular, right up the street is...

Harley Museum

Lots of bikes!

Family fun too!

I'm a Michigander once removed

A gull watching closely...

Gull Chicks on a cement buoy

A face only mother could love.

Majestic Magical Milwaukee 

Miller Stadium is behind a casino.

Chilly and foggy

Speed limit = 2 minutes per block

A native staple

Cliff Swallows prowl the river walk and 
eat bugs, mostly flying mosquitos.

Fog, rain, chill

Grey daze and foggy haze

History Loves Company

History made in Milwaukee

Miller Stadium shots

Hot Dog!

When a home run is hit by the home team,
One slides down the slide into beer.

From our seats

The roof opens, when it stops snowing.

Going up?

Speaking of going up. Get to the Arts
and Ideas festival this weekend!

In Wooster Square the Saint Andrew Society
has its 115th Festival. And they are going to keep doing it until they get it right! Begins Thursday
Night at 6pm, and they march around the square! 

Click here for the times, festival starts with a parade!

So please hit the Arts and Ideas then
head over to Wooster Square, 
where they invented old school,
for some Italian food, music and treats!

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See you all over New Haven this Weekend
and as always,

See You Round the Square!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Serious Salient Square Sage Sense for Seniors

Wooster Square's World Widens for locals, off on Serious Studying to Traveling Home or abroad.

Here in our serene slice of Shangri-la Sakura Square, late spring sends residents scurrying. Yale students go off for research in exotic lands. Others head to houses on Cape Cod, Vermont and Maine.

Unfortunately for some, they are leaving the Square for bigger and better things. Those of us who choose to stick around love that the Elm City slows down a bit, but gets real HOT! 

We have a three week International Arts and Ideas Festival, starting Monday the 15th. Over 80% of the events are free and are fun, informative and thought provoking! This year, the 20th, is one of the biggest and best! Read about neighbor and Wooster Squarian Mary Lou Aleskie, the director, and all about the festival. Free is free people! Come join the fun

And if that isn't enough, in Wooster Square the
St. Andrews Society throws their festival.
They heft around a metal statue of St. Andrew
around Wooster Square... it's quite a traditional
and historical sight to see!

The Festival is June 25-28th.

But wait, there's more!

The Connecticut Tennis Open is played
in New Haven at Yale 
from August 21-29.

Click here for the Connecticut Open website!

World Class Tennis and entertainment
all within walking distance of 
our fair square.

While the Blossom Blog mainframe digs up some advice for graduating seniors, why don't we take a look around the Square!

Our pink and white tunnel is green!
Photo bombed by a Male Cardinal!

Future Flower Fun

Pink Nation!

The Best is yet to Come!

Helicopter Whirligigs

Hey buddy, can you spare some crust?

Phence Photo Phun

Stand off with Robin,
she wouldn't go feed her 
chicks while I was around.

Stumped? Head to Wooster Square 
for the best apizza in the USA

Focus on the beauty of life

Connecticut's State Flower
Mountain Laurel

Picnic in the Park in the shade!

Square segways from spring to summer.

Robin inspecting some cherries, 
they have to be ripe.

Pink Nation Too!

Soaring City Sights Surprisingly Surreal

OK, Graduating Seniors or graduating whatever,
the Blog has searched its vast resources for advice...the NSA, Eric Snowden, Nate Silver, Arianna Huffington and the Yale Hockey (mens and womens) teams. 

Here are the top three for 2015 Grads!

3. Even if you are on the right track, you're gunna get run over 
if you just sit there
Will Rogers

2. You will find the key to success,
underneath your alarm clock
Ben Franklin
(and I'm thinking, they had alarm clocks back then?)

1. The only place SUCCESS comes before WORK is in the dictionary.
Vidal Sassoon

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summer hiatus! Please sign up
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on all things
Wooster Square
New Haven 

See you at the Arts and Idea
Festival, The St. Andrew Feast,
and the Connecticut open!


See You Round the Square!

Park entertainment