Saturday, October 11, 2014

Pinktober Rocks Here in Pink Nation, Wooster Square!

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It's hard to believe that this golden summer has slipped away, leaving colder nights and colorful days. One must realize that life here on this big blue ball is particularly short, I mean in the scheme of all things. As in life, as for the Cherry Blossoms. For thousands of years the Cherry Blossom Seasons have been revered for their beauty, as well as their hasty, abrupt disappearance. 

In a short time there is 
anticipation, amazement,  & happiness. The Blossoms are not gone, they are reborn. The Blossoms help the tree grow, and produce more 
jaw dropping beauty.

Pink Nation!

"Sweet Sakura's Song;
Blossoms, Summer's Shade, Autumn;
Each year we're still Awed"
Bart and Cheryl's Haiku - 2014

Ah, but Fall. What a wonderous season of Baseball World Series, Football and here come the Holidays!
Pull out the sweat shirts, scarves and mittens! 

Not just yet.

Speaking of Football, on the anniversary of the 
100th year of the Yale Bowl, 
they creamed Army in overtime!*
*(I am told that overtime is when both teams are tied with no time left. Whoever scores first wins... So technically they did not cream them...)

The game was just not historic, good and exciting; 
it was named 
College Game of the week!

Way to go Bulldogs!

Yale followed the next week with another 
big win over Cornell.

This Week, the Eli's take on Dartmouth at home!

Little rainy today!

This dry summer we had here in the East (nothing like the drought in the Western US), is having it's effects felt already. I heard from the birding community that dry summers mean fewer and smaller nuts, seeds and berries. Particularly among the hardest hit, acorns, which Squirrels need in abundance to survive a tough winter. And the Birds that stay and migrate here for the winter, it means less yummies for their beautiful feathery tummies.

Great Grass Grains

So for the sake of our Fine Feathered Flying Friends,
put out a feeder for the Winter! They say just watching the birds lowers your blood pressure and puts you into a better mood. 

While you are at it, put a bell on your cat. Cats have had an adverse effect on our birds 
here in North America.

Unfortunately, both Cheryl and I came down with 
really bad colds for this time of the year.

However, the Blossom Blog Mainframe never
gets sick, never complains and churns out
facts and figures on everything local and fun!

Also, coming up next post:

Advice for 2014 Freshman!

While I take some more cold medicine, 
take a look at some other photos
from around the Wonderful World of Wooster Square, New Haven and more of last weeks bike ride to
Lighthouse Point!

Lighthouse Looking Lovely

Park's Perfect People!

Phuzzy Phence Photo Phun!

Wooster Street Wows World!

Court Street Colors

Teensy Tiny Titillating Tempting Treats!

Wooster Squirrelian Scores Succulent Something!

Land of Ahhhsss

 Holy Holly High, Honorable Hanamians!

Future Site of Fabulous Fun Fall Foliage!

Time Stands Still in World Famous
Historic Wooster Square!

New Haven Rocks...

360 Ways!

Chapel Street

Church Street

History LOVES Company!

Speaking of Pizza.

Grimaldi's Brick Oven Pizza just opened in
Woodbridge, just over the New Haven Line.

Click here for even More Great Pies in the #1 Pizza city in da World!

Grimaldi's falls in at a respectable 
#28 out of the 101
Best Pizza's in the USA
according to the Daily Meal.

Click here to drool over the top 101 Pies! New Haven Rocks the Pizza World!

Click here to hear how Chicago reacts to having only 2 spots in the top 101!

Hey, even if you have "New Haven" style
Pizza somewhere else, you 
get recognition!

In Washington DC you've got 
Pete's New Haven Apizza!

Click here for DC ZA

And then there is Randy's Wooster Street Pizza,
which has three locations up near Hartford,
one up at Storrs, home of UCONN.

Randy's was named a top 10 Family Restaurant
in the USA! Wooster Street Rules!

Click here to Read on Randy in CTNOW!

Click here for Randy's website and read about how he was on Man vs Food!

Only here, on the Wooster Square Blossom Blog, the world's first Photoblogumentary, 
can you get your news, food, photos, PIZZA, 
New Haven
Pink Nation! Wooster Square!

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(The Wooster Square Blossom Blog and its
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Back to earth... living so near to Wooster Street, sometimes just having to smell Pepe's, Sally's, Abate's... just about can drive one mad!

Last weekend, I biked down to 
Lighthouse Point, New Haven.

click here for a map on Google maps!

Lighthouse Point is an official
"Hawk Watch" site for the Audubon Society.

Volunteers stand and look for, count and 
keep a tally of all the Hawks, Eagles, Osprey
and other such Big Ass Birds! 
(I am certain that is not 
the technical birding term)
(Although, the American Kestral is small)

Hawk watchers watching for Hawks,
like a Hawk!

American Kestral Came Calling...
"See you Next Spring!"

Also, other birds migrate through our fair City
and this wonderful park on Long Island Sound.

I never knew Blue Jays migrated, but a 
"Hawker" told me they do... the ones
around here for the winter, came from somewhere
north of Connecticut.

One Blue Jay...

Another Blue Jay...

Two Blue Jays...

Few more Blue Jays...

Tons of Blue Jays!

Yellow Rumped Warbler Migrating Through..

Did that Bird just Moon me?
(showing of his little yellow rump)

Many thanks to Chris Loscalzo (one of New England's leading Birders) and his wife Marianne, who took Cheryl and I out on
a private birding walk at Lighthouse Point!

(otherwise, I wouldn't know a Rump from my elbow!)

Fort Nathan Hale
(adjacent to Lighthouse Point)

New Haven from Fort Nathan Hale

Revolutionary my dear Watson!

Read here about Black Rock Fort, Fort Nathan Hale and how 19 badass Wooster Squarians Kicked British Butt (until they ran out of ammo....)

No offense, UK subscribers!
(your guys burned down our barracks!)

Big Bird Fishing
(Great Egret)

You lookin at me?

Butterfly Garden

Killdeer came calling

Mmmm, worms...

Saw Mrs. C

Something I said?

Mr. and Mrs. C

Worm breath is back...

Cute Killdeer

Red Wing Black Bird Feeding Near Butterfly Garden

Is that butterfly smiling?

Of course! He lives in New Haven Connecticut!

See you at Lighthouse Point


See You Round the Square!!!


Happy Columbus Day!!!

Stop by, grab a pie!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Historic Wooster Square Wishes the Yale Bowl, Happy 100th Birthday!

Plus! See Swallows Swarm Seemingly Sensational, Strategical, Sensuous, Seriously Surprising; Super Sakura Square Supporters!

Walking our whole pack, Chyna, Zippy and Roxie yesterday, you can just feel fall in the air. (Maybe because it is fall!) The wind was out of the south right off Long Island Sound and was quite chilly, but still warm in the sun.

Here in World Famous Historic Wooster Square, people are settling in, getting back to their routines. Students of all sorts carrying books and looking deliriously, dutifully at devices. Our Sweet Sanguine Sakura Square is in full use with folks sunning, throwing a Frisbee, pizza picnicking, jogging, walking or doing some reading. 

The weather was great this summer in the Wonderful World of Wooster Square. Cooler temps with hardly any rain. And it looks as if it will continue with a nice Indian Summer in the offers. It is a must to come to the Wooster Square Farmer's Market this weekend! Buy your breakfast or lunch at the Market and then picnic in the confines of our little sensational salient slice of shangri la.

Wooster Street Arch
(the Farmer's Market is right next to it
err....or left next to it)

Soon to be "Harvey's Walk"
Home of one of the Nations 
top ten Farmer's Markets!

Read about our Friend and Wooster Squarian
who passed away, Harvey Koisim. 

Harvey will be missed by all.

We have been busy here at Blossom Blog Headquarters, scouring the local scene to find you some of the best local events, food and fun
right here in Historic New Haven.

When Cheryl and I heard that the New Haven Preservation Trust was having a tour of the Yale Bowl on its 100th Birthday, we were in!
After all, we went to Fenway in Boston for it's 100 Birthday, Wrigley Field this summer for it's 100 Birthday, so how in the Helena Montana could I miss
out on a 100 year Party for the Yale Bowl!??!!?

Right here in historic New Haven!!

As an added Blossom Blog Birding Blast Bonanza
Bonus, we headed out with the Connecticut Audubon
Society and the Menunkatuck Audubon Society (a section of the Connecticut Audubon) for a cruise down the Connecticut River to see the Tree Swallows that swarm and roost on an Island near the mouth of the Connecticut River.

Great Photos Ahead!

Even if you don't do a swallow cruise, they have fall foliage, eagle and twilight cruises. The People were 
incredibly knowledgeable about all the birds in the area and it was a very memorable cruise.

Thanks Mindy and Captain Mark and Crew!

If you mention the Wooster Square Blossom Blog you get free pizza and beer on the boat!*

(*I am told that they do not have pizza or beer and therefore it is not free. However, you can bring a pizza and any of your favorite beverages and 
join the fun! And yes, there is a bathroom!)

Before we get to the Photoblogumentary
on Yale Bowl 100 Party 
and the
Swallow Cruise...

Take a look at a few shots around the Square!

Sunrise Sakura Sigh

Hughes Place looking towards the Park
Still lots of green...

Fall is everyone's favorite!

We are all pining to come to Wooster Square!

Court Street Colors

Park Perfect for a People Perker-upper

 The grass is greener on the other side of the fence.

Smile maker

End of an Era?

Although being rated the #5 pizza joint in
the nation for its fresh tomato pie,
Sally's is for sale.

For whatever the price, the name and recipes are worth millions when considering franchising as Pepe's has done over the past few years.

Pepe's just down Wooster Street past the Arch has the #1 pie in the country...
The Clam pie.

You have to try it, the pizza is like a one in a lifetime
event for some, hence the lines.

But between the two, Pepe's and Sally's
put New Haven Style Pizza on the map,
and made New Haven the 
#1 city in the US for Pizza!

And the #1 Foodie City in the County.

Knights of Columbus 

Warm, Welcoming...Wooster Square Waits

Artisan Street lives up to its name.

I don't know how I heard about the Yale 100 Yale Bowl Tour by the New Haven Preservation Trust,
but I'm glad I did.

They brought in 3 people from Yale who were around for some of the memorable moments and some bad times. In fact, they almost tore it down in the 80's, due to its deteriorating condition.
(it is still only half renovated, the 
visitors side is in dire need of repairs)

I sure know how to draw a crowd!

The renovated press box

West Rock from Press Box

Sleeping Giant 
(he is laying on his back with his head 
on the far left, then chest...)
((the Local Indian's called it that))

East Rock in the Distance
(from Press Box)

Seats with a view.

Bulldog Territory for 100 Years

History Loves Company

History is played here Saturdays, every fall.

Join the Party! 
(Have you ever seen the alum tailgate bars?)

Maximum multiple minimalism man!

After the Tour, we were invited into a Press conference where they had the Coach and other Yale Execs and the President of Webster Bank.

And there was cake!

Heisman Winner, Clinton Frank 1937

Who can forget the concerts!
But the Eagles, here in this poster,
were the last to play. Neighbors complained
about noise, parking....too bad!

Let them eat cake!
And we did!

Thanks New Haven Preservation Trust!

Bruce R. Peabody, President
Board of Directors of NHPT.

Thanks to Bruce and the NHPT,
 Yale and Webster Bank for
the Tour and Birthday Party!

And for the Adventurous, on November 11, at the Whitney Humanities Center (53 street)
It is a restored film found in some archive called 
"Hold 'em Yale", (demille Pictures Corporation)
and features the first appearance of the Yale Bowl in a feature film!

Hit Yorkside Pizza for a bite then 
walk to the show which starts at 7. 
If you mention the 
Wooster Square Blossom Blog 
you get in free.*
*(I am told everyone gets in Free) 

Happy 100 Birthday Yale Bowl!

This Saturday is the special game with events including parachutes landing on the field, and they play Army for the 
first time since 1996.

Quite an exciting day for an
exciting and Historic Team and 
Historic Building!

Go Yale!

*****     *****     *****

Cheryl and I have always meant to take the Eagle River Cruises on the Connecticut River. The weather can be awful chilly in the spring/late winter.
In fact, last year with the cold hard winter
they were frozen in, no Eagle cruises anyway!

We weren't looking for eagles, or any other birds
for that matter, we were looking for these
tiny Swallows that Swarm at sunset
at the base of the 
Connecticut River...

The Tree Swallow

But first, we had to motor from Haddam to 
the mouth of the Connecticut River,
and birds we saw!

Mr & Mrs B. Eagle

Great Blue Heron

Cormorant Cruising

Green Winged Teals
(and you thought they were just ducks!)
((Thanks to Richard Fischer for the ID))

Cormorant Crossing

Great Blue Heron

The "Mary E."
(Everybody Wave!)

Lot's of cormorants!

Some Plover our guide pointed out
(I think it was an endangered one...)

Some Swallow Silhouettes

 We rolled up on this immature 
Bald Eagle on his nest

Say Cheese!

Great Blue Preening

Gillette Castle State Park

Click here to read about this historical landmark

Swallows came low...

some came high...

Flying stick
(Great Egret)

We kind of floated around one island and waited for the swallows to roost. Which the do everynight at this time of the year to roost, just at sunset.

We it gets dark, the show is over.

But what a show it is!

The grass they sleep in, they
all circle until dark then boom,
they go to bed!

Mesmerizing and Magical

Totally Tantalizing Too

Kayakers can feel their wing beats I'm told

Look out!

Nobody knows why they swarm
(or how they don't bump into each other)

Holy Capistrano!

Thanks Audubon(s) Societies!
Thanks CT River Quest!

Don't forget to head to the Farmer's Market this Saturday in
Historic, World Famous
Wooster Square!

And...then head to the Yale Bowl
for a 100 Year Birthday Bash
Yale vs Army!

See you at the game


See You Round the Square!!